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The birth of babels tower and the days of reckoning

The reality of matter is in the society that was based. For it had a reason that was rely on the basis of natural instincts and a will to achieve more than just to live and die - to willingly participate or to choose to leave out. But the way that society became had to evolve in a way that communication would be efficient and therefore came the law and set of rules. And that was the moment when everything changed. From that day on society became a gameplay and people - individuals, just unwillingly jointed together as part of this chessboard and became pawns that protects something of a more value, but does not resonate to individuals. It was to serve a "greater good" that was a birth of "god" himself. And that was the day that humans started to speak "odd language" that no-one understood - the birth of "babels tower." The death of humans and judgement day for the humanity.

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